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Throughout this course, students have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and make projects into their own. Our first project includes exploring Garage Band, and creating a remix of the "Pledge of Allegiance" using different tools in the software, and other sound effects. 

Students first had to reorganize a "Mixed up" version of the pledge of allegiance (You will hear this at the beginning or end of some of their remixes). Next, they created a remix using different tools in garage band. Students had the choice to work by themselves or with a partner for this project.

Students begin with a single audio file as shown above, and add layers into their project with various sounds and effects as shown in some examples below.

Working on our songs!


Check out our songs we made in garageband!

Students created songs of any genre, and used the keyboard, their voices, and garageband loops to create their final songs. students had the ability to work by themselves or with a partner. You can hear their progress from working with garageband for the first time with the Pledge of Allegiance remixes to now!

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